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Instapage Review 2019: Why 15,000+ Companies Use This?

What if we tell you that we have seen 5 pages websites making more money than websites with 100 articles? What if we also tell you that we know of websites where a single landing page brings in 80% of the website’s revenue?

While I think you may or may not completely believe us, but if you are trying to run an online business, you sure would agree on the fact that landing pages are one of the most essential parts of a website. How do you know what is a good landing page? Just think of which supermarket would you prefer to buy from, one where it’s hard for you to find what you are looking for or the one where everything is arranged in order and things are easy to find. The metaphor may not be a great one, but I think it conveys the message.

Creating professional landing pages no longer requires coding, or hiring web designers. Truth is if you are serious about your business, you would need landing pages on your website which converts. You can create such pages using landing page software, and in this article, we will review in detail one of the top landing page software “Instapage”.

Instapage will give you the tools, knowledge and time saving easy to use functionality to take your website to next level by creating landing pages that convert.

It is a landing-page builder tool which helps you make feature-rich landing pages which are sure to boost your website’s conversion rates. It comes with tons of integrations and optimization features. Let’s have a detailed look at them in our Instapage review 2019.

What is Instapage?

Instapage is a user-friendly cloud service which helps you make and create beautiful and attractive landing pages to increase your conversion rates. With the remarkable features that come in Instapage software, you can design landing pages for multiple purposes. It gives you infinite options to create your page with its easy-to-use interface. You can also track the conversion rate of your landing page with the help of its Analytics and Reporting feature and make better decisions for the future.

It is one of the only landing page software that is designed to work with the Google stack and it seamlessly integrates with Google Ads and Google Analytics helping you supercharge your paid marketing activities. Not just the Google stack, but Instapage can also integrate with your CRM, email, social platforms to help you save time.

Features of Instapage

Our main purpose of writing in detailed Instapage review is to take you through the features of the Instapage in details so that you can decide if these features will serve your business requirements.

  1. Lead Capture

This is one of the best features of Instapage. It offers you with everything you need to create a good landing page, which is adequate for lead generation. Its Lead Capture feature helps you in getting signups, sales, or downloads. It ensures that customers don’t visit your website, but keep coming back. Lead Captures has the following features that make this tool more powerful:

  • Form Builder – You can create forms by clicking on the ‘Form’ button on your homepage. You can do this while you are designing/customizing your landing page. Based on your business requirement, you can create multiple forms for collecting lead, customer information while using a dropdown, radio buttons, multiple fields etc.

  • Multi-Step Forms – With this, you can break up a long form into short and simple ones. These forms come handy when you want the prospect to fill detailed information, without burdening him with large forms. Since long forms are scary and usually make the customer disinterested, multi-step forms make it entertaining, and the customer doesn’t feel the weight of it.
  • Lead Notifications – For any new lead that you generate, this feature will help you receive a desktop notification along with an email with lead details. You don’t have to open your dashboard, as these notifications are like push notifications right on your desktop.
  • Lead Nurturing – The many integrations that Instapge offers helps in an active lead generation and lead nurturing. It aids in getting the best out of your marketing investment.
  • Lead Backup – With this feature, you can backup your leads for download. You can also import them into other tools for fulfilling your marketing needs. This feature can help you build an email database that you can fuel into your Google ads and Facebook marketing efforts for running customer match remarketing campaigns.
  • Customizable Confirmation Messages – Confirmation messages are essential to connect with your customers and start a personal interaction. Instapage helps you achieve this by sending a generic or a customized private message to the prospect once they complete a form. This gives a personal touch to the process, and your customer feels respected.
  • Digital Asset Delivery – Instapage helps in delivering digital assets like a content upgrade, software, ebook, plugins, etc. to the lead when he chooses to opt-in. This tool relieves you from the stress of installing extra plugins or writing codes to achieve this task. This feature can be used to upsell, cross-sell products or services to your customers
  • Two-Step Opt-In – This functionality helps you unclutter your landing page because customers do not need many forms on your landing page. It should be crisp and at the same time able to deliver what is intended. Make it a fun activity for your website visitors that he gets compelled to take action. A two-step opt-in form will show up only after the visitor will trigger a response. This means they are already convinced and would like to go ahead.
  • Exit Intent Popups and Lead Capture Forms – Popups are a big headache for the website visitors, and everyone hates them. But, Exit Intent Popup is something that shows up when customers are attempting to leave the website. If used correctly, you can make this popup irresistible that the user is forced to get the offer you are offering via this exit intent popup. That is the primary aim of this. You could also use this as a way to collect information on why users are leaving your website. More information can be found here.

  1. Optimization

While some of the landing pages could be visually very pleasing to the eye, but they may not have the best conversion rates. Identifying that can be a challenge and can be costly in case you are driving paid marketing traffic to this page. Instapage understand this need of the customers and hence provides multiple features to optimize your page through testing. Some of the ways you can optimize your landing page on Instapages are below:

  • Advertising Attribution Solution – Instapage has been successful in solving the riddle of Advertising Attribution. It can capture the performance of the campaigns across markets and then attribute the revenue to a specific campaign. This data is then successfully passed down to the bottom of the funnel systems.
  • Unlimited A/B Split Testing – This is the most striking feature of Instapage and also the most important. Testing various elements of your landing page is vital to see which is converting and which not. It tracks visitor’s behaviors, designs, and layouts, test variations with new elements which will lead to an increase in conversions.

  • Heatmaps – Heatmap is a fantastic feature of Instapage. It tells you the places on the landing page where people gave maximum mouse clicks because that is the place where they looked the most. These maps provide detailed information about how your visitors interact with your landing page. They surely help a great deal in increasing your conversion rate.

  • Drop-In Pixel Tracking – This is an exciting feature of Instapage which helps you retarget your lost customers. Isn’t it great? There can be reasons which make the customers want to leave your page, but with the help of drop-in pixel tracking you can retarget those prospects and increase conversion. This can be done on Google ads and Facebook business manager for your paid marketing activity as well.
  • Dynamic Text Replacement – This function personalizes your PPC campaigns and makes the landing page more relevant to individual visitors. This increases your copy relevance and thus increases the leads. You can choose to replace text in your landing with the user’s search query on Google. Therefore, this can help you have a consistent message from your ad click to the landing page. This should help improve the avg time spent on the page as well as conversion rates.
  • Tag Manager – The fantastic features of Instapage help you cut down on hiring web developers. Its tag manager feature helps in managing tags, updating AdWords, tracking pixels, Google Analytics, etc. Think of this as an equivalent of Google tag manager.
  • Page Grouping for Campaign Management – Instapage helps you manage your campaigns efficiently by grouping pages for the same. You can quickly build ad groups for a variety of ad channels, demographics, products, and features.

  • Real-Time Reports – Instapage offers real-time reports in a detailed, yet easy-to-understand manner. Whether you have to present the report to your company director, or to your clients, Instapage makes it a cakewalk.
  1. Integrations and Publishing

Instapage seamlessly integrates with almost all of the popular third-party analytics, CRM, email, advertising, marketing, marketing automation, live chat, webinar platforms and the list keeps on increasing each day. You can find the complete list here. In addition to integration, there are multiple publishing options from Instapage.

  • Publishing to Unlimited Domains –  Other landing page builders usually restrict you from posting your landing page on multiple domains or may charge you heftily. But, Instapage gives you this flexibility on no extra charge.
  • Publishing to WordPress, Drupal, or Custom Domains – Apart from posting your page to any domain, Instapage also gives you the freedom to print on WordPress or Drupal.
  1. Team and Agency Management

Instapage also helps you in managing your team, projects, and agency. It offers agency management as described below:

  • Collaboration Solution – Instapage helps in collaborating with your teammates and clients, all in one subscription. You can share the landing pages with the clients in real time and also create, review, publish and convert faster.
  • Private and Secure Subaccounts – Instapage helps you to maintain sub-accounts and keep the private data secured and under control. Only authorized users can access this data. You can also segment the accounts for ultimate power.

  • Advanced Sub Account Permissions and Privacy – Instapage helps you grant specific access privileges to different users like some members can publish the landing page while others can handle a particular task. This function helps in organizing team workspaces and assist in managing team interaction and maintain client privacy.
  1. Security and Support
  • Single Sign On – For registering with Instapage, you need not to struggle to fill lengthy forms. You can use your Gmail, Facebook, or any other account to sign up.
  • 24/7 Customer Support – Their support team is available round the clock, and you will always have someone to help you, no matter what the time is. They also have an extensive database of articles on Instapage which can help you on how to use the tool.
  • Chat and Email Support – This type of support is conducive when you are stuck somewhere and need manual intervention. The executives will take over your screen through remote login and fix the issue.
  • Fast Page Loading – Instapage uses an extensive range of content delivery networks like Google, Amazon, AWS, etc. to fasten up their page loading.
  • Server Uptime and Global Data Centres – Instapage uses a lot of cloud services from Dual Amazon, Google cloud, etc. to make sure there is never a downtime and your landing page doesn’t go offline for any reason. Instapage has centers located globally across North America, Asia, Europe.
  1. Enterprise

The below features are only available with the enterprise plans. For big agencies or corporates using the enterprise plan, they get tons of amazing features like below:

  • AMP Landing Pages – An accelerate mobile landing page is the new norm for modern websites. With almost instant loading, these pages provide improved user experience but also is a factor to improve organic rankings of your webpage. Google gives preference to AMP landing pages as they provide the better user experience. AMP-powered landing pages are easy to create with the help of Instapage.
  • Global Blocks – Global Blocks feature of Instapage cuts down your redundant work while you are busy building and creating your landing pages. Blocks like headers, footers, etc. usually do not change across all your pages, and adding them every time is an overhead. Instapage helps you avoid building the same components for every page. Just drag and drop the global content blocks and add them everytime you need them on your page.

  • Customized Plans – Only the Enterprise Subscribers can make use of this feature. It helps you get more functionalities to your landing page which may not be there at that moment. But once you request for it, the support team of Instapage is on it and gives what you want. You may need advanced features like ore sub-accounts, a higher number of visitors, more pages, etc.
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager – If you are a Premium subscriber, Instapage assigns a Customer Success Manager who will work as a part of your team.
  • Migration Services – You might be using other landing page tools before Instapage, and when you shift to Instapage, you would want all your previous work to be migrated to Instapage. Doing this is easy. Once you create an account with Instapage, you will get a one-on-one onboarding, implementation, and landing page migration service, instantly. This is so cool.
  • Advanced Google AdWords and Analytics Integrations – You can integrate Google AdWords while you are testing your landing page and analyzing A/B testing performances.
  • Expert Design Reviews – Instapage users have the most significant advantage of expert reviews. Design experts provide videos, educational articles, webinars, and infographics to help the marketers build their landing pages effectively. But still, if you wish to get some expert comments and reviews on your work, then you can always request them. This is exceptionally beneficial for marketers who are new.

Instapage Pricing

Along with going through the features in this Instapage review, we would also go in detail on the pricing of the software. Instapage offers the following plans and a free trial of 14 days for all the plans except the Enterprise Plan since it is a customized one. You can upgrade to another plan if you feel the need.

  1. Core Plan
  • Cost – $69 per month
  • Features – Real-Time Collaboration, Instablocks, Mobile-Responsive Builder. 20+ Integrations

This is the basic plan and offers great features to create wonderful landing pages.

  1. Optimiser Plan
  • Cost – $129 per month
  • Features – All the features of the Core Plan, Heatmaps, Unlimited A/B Testing, Advertising Attribution, Dynamic Text Replacement

You can take this package if you want to move a step ahead than the basic one and get full control of your campaign. Its features are sure to increase your conversion rates and give you the best out of your investment.

  1. Team and Agency Plan
  • Cost – $229 per month
  • Features – All the features of Optimiser Plan, 15 Private Sub-accounts, Audit Log, Branded Lead Notifications

This plan is helpful if you want to get your team and agency involved and open doors for branded lead notification.

  1. Enterprise Plan
  • Cost – By Quote, depending on the functionality you want to add for your project
  • Features – All Team and Agency features, Professional Services, Customer Success Manager, Advanced Publishing, Migration Services

This package can be a little costly because it is customized but will give you something more than other plans, especially if you want to enjoy all the features of Instapage.

Pros of Instapage

  • It is simple to use and is robust
  • It has multiple-step forms which make the task of collecting data more manageable for the marketer and fun for the prospect
  • Non-developers can develop a landing page easily because the platform is intuitive and provides what is needed
  • Super easy integration with Google stack, third-party marketing platforms
  • Tons of predefined landing page templates to choose from. Choose what is pleasing to your eye and build upon that rather than starting from scratch
  • 14 day trial without the need for a credit card
  • You can download the landing pages to your computer and share them with anyone
  • Auto resizer works better than other platforms

Cons of Instapage

  • It is a little expensive to use as compared to its competitors
  • It has limited customization options
  • Some of the cool features like A/B testing and AMP pages are not available in basic plans
  • You are limited to one font for your header and one font for your body cap.

Alternatives to Instapage

  1. LeadPages

As compared to Instapage, LeadPages is more expensive and the mobile page auto resizer doesn’t work that great as on Instapage. It helps the marketers in creating mobile-responsive pages which you can create, host, test, and manage.

  1. Unbounce

As compared to Instapage, Unbounce is ideal for freelancers and small businesses. It has advanced design templates and drag-and-drop functionality, built specifically for marketers.

  1. OptimizePress

As compared to Instapage, OptimizePress give you options to create more types of landing pages like selling online courses, coaching funnels, product brochures etc. But in terms of use, Instapage is more user-friendly.

  1. Wishpond

As compared to Instapage, Wishpond contains simple and easy to use tools for lead generation and marketing automation. It grants the users to manage, attract and nurture their leads to increase online business.

Final Thoughts

Instapage is a landing page builder tool which enables good lead conversions. It is ideal for medium to big sized businesses as it comes with built-in collaboration tools, like sub-accounts. People who are designers will find it pretty easy to use this tool, but for regular people who are just looking for a landing page running up for their small business, this tool is not so helpful. It is very elaborative and well-featured for small enterprises.

It is easy to use and provides everything that you need for increasing your conversion rate. It has a quick editor with infinite options and templates. With Instapage, you can integrate each element separately, and that’s the beauty of this tool. Its analytics and reporting system is also on point.

If you are looking for a landing page builder with super easy UI, great mobile responsive pages especially if you are running paid marketing activities, we would strongly recommend Instapages.

I hope our Instapage review guide helped you understand the capabilities of Instapage with details on Instapage’s pricing, features, pros, cons, integration. If you still have any specific questions, feel free to drop a comment.