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ClickFunnels Review 2019: Is It The Ultimate Software for Affiliate Marketers?

Let me ask you this, what is the point of spending hundreds of dollars on creating and maintaining a fancy website when it doesn’t bring you any revenue?

This truth is that most people, including budding entrepreneurs and small business owners, spend enormous amounts of time and money on a website because they feel like it’s the ‘thing to do.’ Honestly, creating a website where one can showcase one’s unique ideas and product line has become more of a fad than a strategic and tactical step towards increasing revenue and generating more leads.

If you wish to monetize your website and deliver your message clearly and concisely, ClickFunnels is the ideal software service for you and our ultimate guide on Clickfunnels Review 2019 will go in detail on the capabilities and use cases of this software. ClickFunnels gives you the tools and the knowledge to successfully drive traffic to your website and convert your prospects into paying customers. Inside Clickfunnels, you can not only create highly user-friendly landing pages, but entire sales/marketing funnels to drive your business and increase sales exponentially. You can also capture leads, create follow up funnels, and integrate payment partners within the platform with 0 coding requirements.

The Inspiration Behind ClickFunnels

If you’ve spent time researching this software online, you’ve probably encountered several reviews comparing ClickFunnels vs. Leadpages. While there are certain overlapping elements between the two platforms, putting ClickFunnels in the same basket as Leadpages doesn’t do it justice and has the potential to confuse a newbie regarding the functionality that ClickFunnels offers.

Yes, you can create dynamic and sleek landing/Opt-in pages using ClickFunnles (in fact their new drag n drop editor is the best we’ve seen, more on this later), but it’s so much more than just a cool landing page builder.

Until recently, to successfully monetize your online business, you would need to integrate a handful of different software and services including a hosting, email-autoresponder, split testing software, a landing page builder, designing software (Photoshop) and more. Not to mention, find and pay developers and programmers on top of it all to tie everything together, so it works.

To make selling and delivering products online easier and a whole lot less frustrating, Russell Brunson (CEO ClickFunnels) and his team of super nerds (as he calls them) created ClickFunnnels. In its short three-year history, ClickFunnels has made enormous additions to their platform as well as reached thousands of users who have generated more than 100 million dollars in sales!

What Exactly is ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels is a robust and interactive software that allows users to create professional sales/marketing funnels that makes selling products and delivering messages quick, painless and easy.

What is a Funnel?

A funnel is basically a sequence of interconnected pages (landing pages and others) that leads a prospect/visitor to a defined goal. The goal could be to simply capture a lead, make a sale, get a visitor to register for a webinar or to become a member of your site.

Here is an example of a classic Opt-in Funnel which consists of two pages – A Squeeze page where you collect a visitor’s information (name and email address) followed by a ‘Thank you’ page after they sign up.

The above is the most basic type of funnel you can create. Other types of funnels you can create inside ClickFunnels include:

Lead Generation Funnels –  Whether you want to build a list of email addresses or gather more information from your customers like phone number, occupation, company size etc, you can use predefined funnels and enhance there looks using the build in options to create user-friendly lead generation funnels in no time.

Sales Funnels – These funnels are perfect for selling your products and services. Depending on your product and your chosen method of selling you can either set up a Sales funnel, a Product Launch Funnel or a Membership site. Also, you can customize any funnel you choose as well as add special steps to include any upsells/downsells to your funnel in order to increase your profit.

Membership Sites – Another useful fully customizable add on which comes with ClickFunnels membership. If you offer any special courses or content, including ebooks, webinars, podcasts and wish to grant access only to members who subscribe to you, Clickfunnels offers the opportunity to build full-blown membership sites that you would otherwise have to pay for separately.

Webinar Funnels – These funnels are specifically designed to help you get your audience to register for your webinars. And, users also have the option of choosing between Live Webinars or an automated Webinar replay.

What’s more, ClickFunnels doesn’t just help you to create sleek funnels that convert it also helps drive traffic to your website (via Backpack – affiliate referral program) and enables you to deliver personalized communications based on the actions your visitors take on your website (Actionetics). More on Actionetics and Backpack a little further down.

By now I’m pretty sure that you’re getting an idea of why ClickFunnels is different and cooler than most simple landing page builders as well as other intuitive platforms.

Before we take a closer under the hood of ClickFunnels, let’s check out their pricing.

ClickFunnels Pricing

ClickFunnels offers two plans: a basic plan and an Enterprise Plan.

The Basic Plan is for $97/month and offers full access to all the funnel creation tools. However, it places limits on the number of funnels you can create (up to 20), the number of pages you can create (up to 100) and the total number of visitors you can have each month (20,000).

Basic Plan:

  • Price – 97$/Month
  • Number of funnels – 20
  • Number of pages – 100
  • Number of visitors – 20,000
  • 3 Custom Domains
  • Sales, Webinar, Hangout, Membership, funnels
  • Email Integrations
  • A/B Testing
  • Share your funnels
  • Order, upsell pages
  • SMTP Integration – 1
  • Billing Integration – 1 per type

The Enterprise Plan is for $297/month and offers all the bell and whistles, including the uber cool functionality offered by Actionetics and Backpack. Additionally, the enterprise plan also provides unlimited visitors, pages, funnels, and custom domains.

Enterprise Plan:

  • Price – 297$/Month
  • Number of funnels – Unlimited
  • Number of pages – Unlimited
  • Number of visitors – Unlimited
  • Custom Domains – Unlimited
  • Priority Support
  • Priority template request
  • All Funnels
  • All Pages
  • All Integrations
  • A/B Testing
  • Actionetics
  • Backpack
  • SMTP Integration – 3
  • Billing Integration – 1 per type

Here’s a closer look at the features and pricing of both plans.

If you want all the functionality that ClickFunnels has to offer, we suggest you go with the Enterprise plan, which is the plan that I currently use, even though it is on the steeper side. If you decide to pay yearly, ClickFunnels usually offers huge discounts on yearly subscriptions, although you won’t find any mention of this on their website. If you decide to subscribe for a full year, send them an email and they’ll sort you out with a pretty sweet offer.

To help you get the ball rolling and get familiar with their platform, ClickFunnels gives you a FREE 14 day trial for both plans and as a bonus, they even throw in 6 pre-built funnels free of cost when you sign up, so you can publish your first funnel in no time.

Okay, let’s take look at how ClickFunnels Works.

How Does ClickFunnels Works?

Building Funnels

Getting started with ClickFunnels is easy however we do suggest watching the on-boarding training videos. The training videos take you step by step to creating your first funnel and show you just how responsive the ClickFunnel software really is. And, in case you’re tempted to skip the training and go straight to the software, think again, because you’ll miss out on a cool FunnelHacker T-shirt that they give away just for watching the videos. Now, that’s a wicked bribe that has your best interest in mind!

Once you’ve watched the videos, which won’t take you more than a few minutes, you’ll have a good idea of how the software operates.

Define the Purpose of your Funnel

As I mentioned earlier, a funnel is nothing but a series of connected pages that leads a visitor to a defined goal or conversion event. Before you start, think of what you want to achieve and what’s the main business KPI you are working towards.

ClickFunnels offers three defined funnel templates – for lead capture, product sales and webinar registration. However, the platform also allows users to create any custom funnel they can visualize and bring into reality.

Choose or Create your Own Funnel

Once you decided on the purpose for your funnel, the next step is to determine the layout of your funnel.

You can either choose from any one of the pre-built funnel templates provided above, create your funnel from scratch or simply customize a pre-existing funnel template.

Before you actually go about creating your funnel inside ClickFunnels, it’s a good idea to create a blueprint for the structure of your funnel on a drawing board or a piece of paper. This way you’ll have a clear idea of the sequence of pages in your funnel.

For example, here is a picture of a Sales Funnel that contains 5 steps or pages: A Squeeze page, your offer, an order form, your upsell and a Thank You Page.

Once you’ve defined the structure of your funnel, you’re ready to get to work inside ClickFunnels.

Build Your First Funnel

Now that you have the basic layout of your funnel you can order the sequence of your funnel pages to match your layout inside ClickFunnels.

This is what the Funnel Builder looks inside ClickFunnels:

The Editor

With your funnel mapped out, you can start building individual pages. You can build a page from scratch or choose a template from any one of the several high converting page templates that ClickFunnels offers.

Here is a screenshot of the templates for ‘Opt-in’ pages, if you want templates for other pages, including sales pages, webinar pages and more, just click on the icon for each page:

Once you’ve selected a template that you wish to customize, click on the Edit page button and you’ll be directed to the amazingly responsive and robust ClickFunnels Editor.

Conversely, if you wish to start from scratch, just choose a template and delete all the page elements using the editor and start building from there.

Page Layout

What makes editing super easy is the way a ClickFunnel’s page is setup. Each ClickFunnels page consists of sections, rows/columns, and Elements. Sections are the primary building blocks of each page, and they divide the page into different parts. Next, come the Rows/Columns which essentially live inside the sections in the page. And, finally, the elements which form the ‘Stuff’ of the page live inside the Rows/Columns. Elements include everything from, images, text, buttons, videos, timers, tables, etc.

Here is an example of the kind of sleek looking page you can build using ClickFunnels:

The intuitive drag and drop editor allows you to customize your chosen page to your heart’s content. You can choose to add elements including video, images, buttons, social shares, countdown timers and more without ever having to fidget with any code. Also, changing text, adding backgrounds and organizing the elements in your page all require a simple click of the mouse or a drag and drop.

All the various elements you can add with the Editor:

  • Social Shares
  • Text Block
  • Input Form
  • Shipping address form
  • Video modal
  • Headline
  • Divider
  • SMS Signup
  • Video
  • Image Feature
  • Single Image
  • Button
  • Billing address form
  • Image modal
  • Date Countdown

Creating professional looking pages, including sales, squeeze pages and even order forms is extremely simple with the Editor. I can tell you from experience, that once you get familiar with customizing your pages, not only will you be proud of your unique creations but you’ll be thankful that you can direct your attention to other demanding aspects of your business, instead of worrying about your pages and funnel.

Tracking and Split Testing

Not only does ClickFunnels help you create awesome pages and funnels, it also shows how each page in your funnel is performing.

Upon selecting any page in your funnel, ClickFunnels displays stats in real time of how your page is performing in relation to the number of visitors on the page, the number of visitors that clicked on the ‘next’ button on the page as well as the conversion rate of the page. And, additionally, you also have the option of viewing your conversion stats graphically over a specified period of time.

With this information, you can understand the customer behavior and can customize your pages based on what the data tells.

Setting up Google Analytics and Retargeting

Also, if you wish to setup tracking, analytics and retargeting pixels on an individual page or across an entire funnel, it’s entirely possible inside ClickFunnels. To set this up, you have to open the Editor>choose ‘Settings’ (top of the side panel) and click on the ‘tracking codes’ option. So, if you want to add a Google Analytics or Facebook pixel, you just add them in the header or the footer of the page and click save.

Alternatively, you want to add the code on every page of the funnel i.e. funnel wide, follow these steps. Locate ‘Funnel View’ on the dashboard > click on “Edit Funnel” > choose “global tracking” and paste you retargeting code on the screen that is shown.

Spilt Testing

Split testing inside ClickFunnels is easy, simple and quick. The easiest way to create a split test is to click on the ‘create variation’ button, which allows you two options:

1) To duplicate your control page as it is or,

2) To create a new page using a different template.

If you wish to edit the page that you want to test, you can, otherwise simply click on the ‘start split test’ icon in the middle and adjust your traffic weightage on the slide according to your preference.

After you’ve set up your test, you need to publish the test URL which you will find in image 1.

Now, you just sit back and wait to gather enough information to declare your winner. Pretty easy, right? However, it would be kind of cool if ClickFunnels would automatically select a winner and set the winning page as the new control. None the less, its matter of looking at the result and choosing for yourself if you want to switch to the winning page.

Actionetics – Marketing Automation Tool

Actionetics is a ClickFunnel’s savvy marketing automation tool that provides a smooth connection between your funnels and your marketing communications.

In layman’s terms, it is a tool that lets you track visitors (traffic) to your website and lets you tailor make marketing campaigns and follow-ups so you can communicate more effectively based on the preferences or actions of your visitors.

The fact that Actionetics is built into the platform means you no longer need to go through the painful and time-consuming process of importing your contacts to a 3rd part tool or taking the time to segment email lists inside a different software. When you have the freedom to tailor customized communications while collecting valuable information about your customers via your funnels simultaneously, you can radically transform your customer engagements and relationships.

By far one of the best aspects of Actionetics is its user-friendliness that allows the non-technical user to learn on the go while putting together complex automation.

Contact Profile

Actionetics tracks your visitors and creates a unique profile for each visitor/prospect depending on the types of actions they perform. Actions include purchases, interactions via opt-ins (email), order forms and more. It then amalgamates all the information it has on each prospect and assigns each prospect/contact a unique action score.

The overall action score a contact gets is calculated on the basis of 4 metrics:

  1. Frequency of purchase i.e. purchase history
  2. Recency – most recent interactions via opt-ins, email, or any trackable activity on the website
  3. Social – the number of social accounts the email address is tied to
  4. Monetary value – taking into account purchase history, it assigns a percentage


The contact profile section also shows you membership history, purchase history, recent activity as well as which marketing automation aspects your contact belongs to including, email lists, broadcasts and action funnels. Overall, the contact profile shows your contact’s digital behavior thereby providing with the opportunity to communicate with them more effectively.

Email Lists

The email list feature works like most other autoresponders and lets you send a targeted email to a specific group of your contacts and build email lists for any product/service or compaign you like.

Creating a list is simple, straightforward and takes only a few minutes. However, not only is it easy to build lists, but it’s also equally easy to integrate your email lists with your funnel pages to get people to join your lists.

Here’s what you need to do after creating your email list. Open up the appropriate funnel you want to integrate with in a separate tab and click on the Automation tab on the top of the page. Then on the next page you delete all the custom emails and click on ‘add new action’ which will allow you to setup a new funnel action that will send people who fulfill your added action to the appropriate email list. And, voila, you’re good to go.

Email Broadcasts

Here Is where you send your emails from. Similar to other aspects of Actionetics, the email broadcast section boasts an intuitive and user-friendly UI. Besides making email scheduling and creation fun and easy, the broadcast section shows you the number of emails sent, the number of clicks and the number of unsubscribers over a specified period.

To start creating a new email, just click the ‘new email broadcast button’. On the next page, fill out all the appropriate information and choose a template to start customizing your email.

The email editor is similar to the funnel page editor and allows you to add content and other elements to your email just as easily.

The email editor is really one of the best parts of Actionetics and in my opinion even out does other high end autoresponders such as Infusionsoft and ontraport.

Action Funnels

If you’re impressed so far, Action Funnels will sweep you off your feet. It is the icing on the cake compared to the other features of Actionetics that we’ve spoken about thus far.  

Action Funnels enables you to automate your entire process by creating powerful action funnels. You basically sent up a bunch of actions for people tied to a particular email list and schedule them for execution. You can send emails, text messages, add or drop people from certain email lists as well as dig deeper and schedule communications based on rule groups.

There are seven different rule groups. For example, with the Product rule group you can schedule a particular action to people if they bought a certain product of if they didn’t buy. It’s possible to setup rule groups for each action inside your action funnel as well as to create multiple groups rule groups which account for a custom group.

Here is a live walkthrough and demo of action funnels by Russell Brunson himself which will give you greater clarity on the efficiency of this powerful automation process as well as show you how to set email and text messaging.

Backpack – ClickFunnel’s Affiliate Referral Program

While there are plenty of ways of creating a buzz online to send traffic to your websites, including paid ads on Google and Facebook, none of these methods compare to Affiliate marketing. Not only is the traffic from affiliate marketing more relevant and more powerful, but it also makes more sense financially since you only have to pay after your affiliate makes the sale.

The backpack is a custom affiliate referral program inside ClickFunnels that leads traffic into your funnels so you can rake in the money. With Backpack, you add an affiliate program to any funnel in a few simple steps and let your affiliates to the rest.

Using the drag and drop editor, you can completely customize your affiliate login page and affiliate center to include links, stats, banner ads and more so that your affiliates have all the information they need to advertise your products successfully.

Once your program is enabled, you can check to see how well your affiliate partners are performing regarding sales, how much you need to dish out to them in commissions, as well as how many are active and what percentage are referrals. Additionally, you also have the option of setting up a referral (second tier) payout commission which is helpful and provides a greater encouragement to your affiliates.

Publish your Funnel

For publishing your pages, you have a couple of options. You can choose to publish directly on clickfunnels, or on your WordPress blog/site using the WordPress plugin, or on a custom domain/subdomain via CloudFlare or add a page to Facebook.

If you choose to publish your funnel pages on ClickFunnels itself, know that your pages will bear a URL that reads ‘’.

Using the WordPress plugin is easy and only takes a few simple steps to setup. And, the best part is that your page URL’s won’t have any mention of ClickFunnels. Although, you can add several funnel pages to WordPress, due to certain security features, order forms/ upsells/downsells/ and membership pages have to remain hosted inside ClickFunnels and can’t be added to WordPress.

 Here’s what the ClickFunnels WordPress plugin allows you to do:

  • Create custom URLs for your pages
  • Set any page as homepage
  • Set any page as 404 page
  • Edit / Manage your pages

3rd Party Integrations

ClickFunnels integrates with several high end autoresponders, webinar providers and shopping carts, so if you have a preexisting account with a 3rd party software that you prefer you can add a new integration and go to work!

List of email marketing softwares that integrate with ClickFunnels are:

  • Aweber
  • Mailchimp
  • Getresponse
  • Interspire
  • Active campaigns
  • Goto webinar
  • Webinar Jam
  • Constant Contact
  • Maro post
  • Convertkit
  • Twilio
  • Salesforce
  • Drip
  • Ship Station
  • Mad mimi
  • Pure Leverage

List of Shopping cart software that integrate with ClickFunnels are:

  • Stripe
  • Infusionsoft
  • Clickbank
  • Taxamo
  • Ontraport


ClickFunnel’s marketplace was introduced last year and provides access to a wide variety of battle-tested sales funnels, membership funnels and pages, including landing pages, thank you pages, Squeeze pages, sales pages that have been created by the ClickFunnel community.


ClickFunnels technical support is extremely well informed and proficient at resolving queries. However, there are some agents who are more proactive that others and who also upload a self-made video explaining how to best tackle an issue. Keep in my mind that the tech support primarily functions to assist you with tech issues and will not be able to deliver you marketing ideas or advice.

For any general inquiries, your best bet is to use the support icon on the bottom right-hand side of your page or simply to simply send an email. Support is available between M-F, 9 am-9pm EST and their email ID is

Additionally, you can access a vast knowledge base of content dealing with each aspect of ClickFunnels or post your query to ClickFunnel’s growing Facebook group of over 38,000 veteran marketers and users.


Final Thoughts

The best part about ClickFunnels is that you no longer need to cherry pick different softwares for your landing pages, auto responders, split testing, web hosting, affiliate program and more. You have everything you need to market and deliver your messages as well as track your progress all in one place.

If you’re looking for more than a simple landing page builder that is primarily good at collecting emails and you want to be able to sell your products while have the ability to follow up with smart communications and also have a bird’s eye view of all your funnels, ClickFunnels is your best bet.

The price may seems slightly steep for now, but if you sum up the the dollars you pay for your email marketing software, marketing automation software, landing page builder software and an affiliate marketing software and also consider the time and effort and ineffectiveness of managing them through different logins and different places, Clickfunnels is a no brainer option to go for. Only for the ease of having these options in one single place, I’d strongly recommend you to go sign up for the free trail to see the efficiency in your work for yourself and hope our Clickfunnels review helped you makeup your mind.

Happy marketing!